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BAKEAGOGO Macaron pre-launch order

Sister brand of BAKELAB, BAKEAGOGO will launch a different kind of macaron - less sweet, generous filling and chewy macaron coque.
Using only premium ingredients - California Almond, French Butter, Belgian Chocolate and fresh farm eggs, etc.
Give your taste buds a good kicking along with our pre-launch special price .

Assorted box lineup (box of 12 pieces macaron) :
1. Red velvet
2. Salted caramel
3. Choco loco
4. Banana milk
5. Kyoto matcha
6. Crème brûlée
7. Strawberry Yoghurt
8. Caramel macchiato
9. Taro
10. Corn cheese
11. Cookies & cream
12. Milk tea bobba

Orders will be ready on Thursday, 22nd of August - limited only to 20 boxes
Pre-launch special price Rp 200,000

How to order :
1. Orders must be pick up by gojek/grab instant (make sure your address is in the range from our studio - search on maps ‘BAKELAB’)
2. Transfer total amount (BCA / Kang Min Ki - 5240347484) and fill-in the order form below
3. We will let you know via Whatsapp on the day for pick-up
4. Order gojek/grab instant and wait for your order to come!
5. Enjoy!

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kindly request in this field if you want to order more than 1 box